AFCRN LGCW Online Meeting, Nov 18th, 2020 

  1. Welcome - Ann Korir (Kenya)
  2. Cancer surveillance in SSA - Yvonne Joko (Cameroon)  Download PDF
  3. AFCRN - Biying Liu (UK)  Download PDF
  4. How do we fit into the global cancer control - Abidemi Omonisi (Nigeria)  Download PDF
  5. Developing a national cancer registration system - Gisbert Msigwa (Tanzania)  Download PDF
  6. Breast cancer incidence, survival and treatment in SSA - Yvonne Joko (Cameroon)  Download PDF
  7. Cervical cancer incidence in SSA - Elima Jedy-Agba (Nigeria)  Download PDF
  8. Prostate cancer incidence, survival and treatment in SSA - Tobias Seraphin (Germany)  Download PDF
  9. National childhood cancer registration programme in five Southern African countries - Natasha Abraham (South Africa)  Download PDF
  10. Covid impact on surveillance workers - Lerato Khoali (South Africa)  Download PDF

Meeting Recording                PW: 3Ya?0O1J

Our article “The evolving epidemic of breast cancer in sub‐Saharan Africa: Results from the African Cancer Registry Network” published in the International Journal of Cancer (IJC) has been selected for a special online Virtual Issue. This manuscript was prepared by Dr Yvonne Joko-Fru, supervised by Dr Max Parkin and Dr Paul McGale (Uni of Oxford). 

What's new?

The Enrico Anglesio Prize is awarded every year to a young cancer epidemiology researcher, in two occasions:

  1. It has been part of the regular programme and prize awarded at the IACR's Annual Scientific Conference; and 

  2. At the yearly Groupe pour l’Epidémiologie et l’Enregistrement du cancer dans les Pays de Langue Latine (GRELL) Meeting.

With the cancellation of conferences for 2020 due to COVD-19, the Fondo Elena Moroni and the scientific committee of the Enrico Anglesio prize decided to organise a Enrico Anglesio Prize virtual.  

For the virtual prize, candidates are invited to present a written paper on their work on cancer epidemiology and/or cancer registration, that, in normal times, they would have presumably given as an oral presentation at the IACR or GRELL conference, and subsequently submitted for publication in a Journal.  READ more of the prize details and rules here: