Our article “The evolving epidemic of breast cancer in sub‐Saharan Africa: Results from the African Cancer Registry Network” published in the International Journal of Cancer (IJC) has been selected for a special online Virtual Issue. This manuscript was prepared by Dr Yvonne Joko-Fru, supervised by Dr Max Parkin and Dr Paul McGale (Uni of Oxford). 

What's new?

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer in sub‐Saharan Africa (SSA), and may be on the rise. In this study, the authors examined registries from ten SSA countries, and found that this is indeed the case, especially in older women. Changing risk‐factor profiles may account for these trends. These results indicate an urgent need for strengthening the healthcare systems of SSA, including improved public health programs such as screening programs for breast cancer, in‐depth risk‐factor analysis, etc., as well as planning for adequate therapy for an increasing number of patients.

The month of October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM). BCAM is an international health campaign that works to raise awareness about breast cancer, offer support to those affected by breast cancer and educate the public about the importance of screening. This year, in recognition of BCAM, IJC has created a carefully curated online “virtual issue” with recently published papers focusing on breast cancer research.  The papers have made free to access and read for the entire month of October.


Updated: 1st Oct 2020