AFCRN is providing advice to people around Africa who are setting up new cancer registries.

There is no "model" registry data collection form that we can suggest for use. So, from our consultants' expertise we have put together one (available both in English and in French), based on the proposed essential and desirable variables, and some standard definitions from IACR and IARC.

We are well aware that there are many other variables that might be thought of (occupation, marital status, birthplace etc) but none of these are in the "essential" list, and, in truth, are rarely used even if collected.

As to HIV status, our opinion is that the link between HIV and cancer - like other relevant exposures - is better studied by means other than routine data collection. In any case, registers of HIV positive subjects ought to be separate from those of cancer, and the two linked (by registry number) if this is required.