One of the goals of the the African Cancer Registry Network (AFCRN) is improve knowledge of the burden of cancer on the African continent. Its members have collected valuable data on new cases of cancer diagnosed in their area of coverage. In order to facilitate research studies based on these data, the AFCRN members have established a central DATABASE, comprising anonymous records of cases registered, as well as information on the size and composition of the population at risk.  The variables available for each case are described below. The database is being hosted by the  International Agency for Research on Cancer ( IARC), under the terms of an agreement by which the confidentiality of data will be maintained.


Rules for access:

Requests for access to the database must be approved by the AFCRN Research Committee. For relevant description of the procedure please click HERE.


The Cancer Case File contains 14 variables on each case:

1)   Patient identification number

2)   Tumour sequence number

3)   Sex

4)   Date of birth

5)   Age in years

6)   Date of incidence

7)   Place of Residence

8)   ICD-O-3 Topography

9)   ICD-O-3 Morphology

10)  ICD-O-3 Behaviour

11)  Basis of diagnosis

12)  Vital status at last contact

13)  Date of last contact

14)  Date of death



The Population File should correspond to the Cancer Cases File with respect to:

• Sub-population (for example ethnic group, if applicable)

• Registration area

• Time period

• Sex


The file contains  mid-year (as at 1st July) estimates (or mid-period estimates) for each sub-category.

If  possible, the population file comprises the population estimate for every combination of:

• Calendar year

• Sex

• Age (standard 5-year age-groups,   IF possible, separating infants (age = 0) from children aged 1-4)


Data of the AFCRN DATABASE are from all member Registries.