One of the goals of the the African Cancer Registry Network (AFCRN) is improve knowledge of the burden of cancer on the African continent. Its members have collected valuable data on new cases of cancer diagnosed in their area of coverage. In order to facilitate research studies based on these data, the AFCRN members have established a central DATABASE, comprising anonymous records of cases registered, as well as information on the size and composition of the population at risk.  The variables available for each case are described below. The database is being hosted by the  International Agency for Research on Cancer ( IARC), under the terms of an agreement by which the confidentiality of data will be maintained.

The Minimum dataset of AFCRN , and the model registry form, suggest the use of "Essential TNM" from TNM 8th Edition [Edited by James D. Brierley et al] for recording the Extent of disease - for those sites for which the registry has decided to record this variable.

AFCRN MODEL REGISTRY REPORT is available for download Here.