On 4-6 May, 2011, a training course was held at the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI), hosted by the Nairobi Cancer Registry. The objectives were to review methods and problems encountered, train the staff in extracting and recording details of stage (breast and cervix cancers), and in follow up of patients and determining and recording vital status. Additional training on the software CANREG-5 was also undertaken. There were 20 participants, from the following registries: Kenya (12), Rwanda (3), Zimbabwe (2), Uganda (2), and Malawi (1)


A practical training course in basic registration methods for the newly recruited staff from Addis Ababa (four persons) and Dar es Salaam (one) was conducted over a four week-period from 12th September – 1st October, 2011. Training was delivered in Kampala (3 weeks) and Nairobi (1 week), by the staff of these two registries, assisted by the registry of Rwanda (for training in the use of the CANREG-5 software).