In collaboration with the Eldoret Cancer Registry and the Nairobi Cancer Registry, AFCRN is hosting a basic Cancer Registration Training Course online from July - October 2020.  This course is being sponsored by the International Cancer Institute, Eldoret Kenya.  

Examination date: Thursday 15th October 2020

We have had over 50 students took part in the Exam. Please kindly wait patiently while we mark the sheets.  We will then issue the correct answer sheet here while each of you will be notified individually about your outcome. 

Instruction: 80% passing mark. 


1. Cancer Registration - Introduction to principles and methods: 

2. Cancer Finding and Abstraction Overview: 

3. Abstracting Personal Information: 

4. Abstracting Incident Date & Date of last Contact: 

5. Basis of Diagnosis Coding Rules: 

6. Abstracting Primary Site and Diagnosis: 

7. ICD_O Coding - Principles: 

8. ICD_O Coding for Topography: 

9. ICD_O Coding for Morphology: (Tue 25 Aug)

10. Multiple primary rules:  (Thu 27 Aug)

      International Rules for Multiple Primary Cancers (ICD-O 3rd Edition). IARC, 2004

11. Abstracting and coding information on Treatment:  (Tue 1 Sept)

12. Introduction to Staging: (Thu 3 Sept)

13. Introduction to Essential TNM:  (Tue 8 Sept)   UICC TNM; Essential TNM

14. Principles of Confidentiality and Privacy:  (Thu 10 Sept)

15. Introduction to CanReg5:  (Tue 15 Sept)      CanReg Instruction Manual

16. CanReg5 data entry, update, population:   (Thu 17 Sept)

17. CanReg5 import, export, population:  (Tue 22 Sept)   

18. Abstracting and coding information on Follow up:   (Thu 24 Sept)

19. CanReg5 check: (Tue 29 Sept)

20. Cancer Registry Report (via CanReg): (Thu 1 Oct)


IARC and AFCRN manuals:

There are many more references and coding information online. But try not to get overwhelmed by information which may not be applicable to you. These are enough for now.