On-site training in Portuguese (26-30th January 2015)
Ms Telma Sande from Beira Cancer Registry had a one-week on-site training with the Maputo Cancer Registry. The purpose of the training was for Ms Sande to gain further practical experience with CanReg 5 and, to observe the data collection procedure in the central hospital of Maputo.

CanReg 5 Training
Ms Gladys Chebet (Eldoret Cancer Registry, Kenya (ECR)), AFCRN CanReg expert, again visited the Namibia National Cancer Registry (9-13th February) to try to 1) solve and answer any question the local staff may have for software CanReg 5, provide in-depth training on data entry, data analysis, tools and management; 2) to provide the basic training on the use of ICD-O 3.

A 2 day training session (29-30th March) on use of CanReg 5 was held at the Eldoret Cancer Registry, Kenya (ECR) for the cancer registrar (Francis Okongo) from Gulu Cancer Registry (Uganda) and 9 cancer registrars and volunteers from ECR. The training included browsing, data entry, analysis and management. CanReg Instructor: Ms Gladys Chebet (ECR).
A special discussion focus on the topic of ‘CanReg5 Trouble shooting’ was held at ECR (1st - 3rd April). The purpose of this exercise was to compile a list of problems of CanReg 5 encountered by users in Africa and proposed solutions for transmission to IARC. Exercise leading expert: Ms Gladys Chebet (ECR).

Advanced training – Addis Ababa Course (18-27th August, 2015)
11 international students from 9 SSA countries, together with 11 local students, attended an 8 day advanced course in August. It took place at the Churchill Hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Local host was Dr. Wondermagegnhu Tigeneh, Addis Ababa City Cancer Registry.

The training contained 4 days on cancer registration methods and 4 days practical training in the use of CanReg 5. Both international and local experts presented at the course.

The new AFCRN STANDARD PROCEDURE MANUAL (version I) was introduced and used for exercises.

Participants were motivated and encouraged by simply being among their peers from all around the continent. They shared experience and thoughts about their work. The knowledge they took home will enable them to perform more effectively and efficiently. In Cape Town, Ms Ncinitwa was asked to give presentations on what she has gained from the course to her colleagues and freshers (7-11 Sept 2015).


Basic training – KEMRI Course (24th August - 1st September 2015)
The Nairobi Cancer Registry – KEMRI organised a 9 days basic training course in Nairobi from 24 August to 1st September. Objectives of the training were to equip cancer registry personnel with knowledge and skills in cancer registration which would enable them develop and strengthen their registries to generate high quality data to inform research and policy formulation in cancer control.
The AFCRN sponsored two students: Francis Okongo from the Gulu Cancer Registry (Uganda) and Rosemary Rukainga from the Harare Cancer Registry (Zimbabwe). Dr Parkin acted as co-director and senior faculty member.
Three participants from Swaziland were able to attend the course with the assistance of the AFCRN Secretariat.

Visiting fellows

With the advice from Dr Parkin, Mr Marcel Dieu-Donne Egue (registrar, Cotonou Cancer Registry) was able to identify a suitable host (Dr Cherif Hamdi, Directeur du Registre du cancer de Setif) and successfully obtain a UICC ICRETT Fellowship, and additional financial support from AFCRN, which enabled him gain in-service experience in this long-established registry.

Prof Ima Ekanem (Calabar Cancer Registry), with support of an IACR Calum Muir Fellowship, visited Dr Parkin at the Nuffield Department of Population Health, University of Oxford (5-23rd October). During the visit, Prof Ekanem was able to prepare a report for the Calabar Cancer Registry for the period, 2009-2013, based on the AFCRN Model Report. She also prepared and submitted a manuscript for publication in a scientific journal.