July 9-14th 2012, the first international training workshop on cancer registration methods of the AFRCN  was held at the College of Medicine, University of Malawi, Blantyre, hosted by the director and staff of the Malawi Cancer Registry. The objectives were to review methods and problems encountered, train the staff in extracting and recording details of stage (breast and cervix cancers), and in follow up of patients and determining and recording vital status. Additional training on the software CANREG-5 was also undertaken. There were 16 participants, from the following registries: Malawi (4), Nigeria (4), Kenya (2), South Africa (2), Ghana (2), Zimbabwe (1), Mauritius (1)



The 2nd advanced course took place on 19 - 23rd November; the host institution was the Nigerian National System of Cancer Registries (NSCR) in Abuja, Nigeria. The local organisers were Dr Clement Adebamowo and Dr Elima Jedy-Agba (pictured). The training was attended by both local and international participants. There were 22 participants in total (18 from Nigerian cancer registries and 4 others from other African countries including; Gabon, Kenya and Seychelles.

Topics covered included but were not limited to: basic principles of oncology, cancer staging and grading, principles of cancer registration, principles of data presentation, data management and analysis, and use of CanReg5 software in cancer registration. Participants had the opportunity to ask questions that had been unclear to them and appropriate answers were provided.



The two Practical Training Courses, designed for beginners and those who would like to become cancer registrars, were held by the Kampala Cancer Registry and the Nairobi Cancer Registry in collaboration. The first course was from 6th to 22nd August 2012, and the second one was from 24th September to 19th October 2012.





From the 14th May, 2012 to 17th May 2012, a basic training in CanReg5 software was conducted in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania by Ms. Cecile Ingabire from the Rwandese Cancer Registry. The venue was the Ocean Road Cancer Institute (ORCI) and five (5) prospective registry workers were trained. The aim of the training was to introduce them to the basic use of CanReg5 so as to allow registrars to perform data collection and polishing using it. It was noted however, that these trainnees would need more advanced training to make them proficient. The course was supported by INCTR through AFCRN as well as UCSF CFAR. Tanzania is only the 2nd Cancer Registry to use CanReg5 in East Africa the other country being Rwanda.