AFCRN LGCW Online Meeting, Nov 15th, 2021 (10.30am GMT, 1 hour)

Moderators: Eric Chokunonga

  1. The African Cancer Registry Network (Eric Chokunonga, Manager,  Zimbabwe National Cancer Registry, Zimbabse)
  2. Trends in the incidence of the major cancers in sub Saharan Africa (Elima Jedy-Agba, senior researcher, International Research Center of Excellence, Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria)
  3. Survival from cancer in sub Saharan Africa (Yvonne Joko, Research Fellow, International Agency for Research on Cancer)
  4. The Southern Africa Childhood Cancer Registry (Natasha Abraham, epidemiologist, National Cancer Registry, South Africa)
  5. Creating a national cancer registry network - the Tanzania experience (Gisbert Mswiga, Consultant, Vital Strategies, Tanzania)
  6. Staging with Essential TNM in African registries (Biying Liu, Researcher, African Cancer Registry Network, Oxford)

Registration available here