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2016 Training Courses

Training in Cape Verde (29 Feb – 4 Mar 2016)
Following a consultancy visit in Oct 2015, Dr Goncalo Lacerda (Portugal) was invited and supported by the Ministry of Health of Cape Verde and the AFCRN to provide a one-week training to 26 participants coming from different health institutions within Cape Verde. The goal was to train the future registrars in order to make possible the establishment of hospital-based cancer registries in each central hospitals (Agostinho Neto and Baptista de Sousa), and a population-based cancer registry under the direction of the MoH.

Basic training – Accra, Ghana (13-23rd June 2016)
The Accra Cancer Registry, in collaboration with research team at Stanford University, organised a 10 days basic training course in Accra from 13-23rd June. Objectives of the training were to equip cancer registry personnel with knowledge and skills in cancer registration which would enable them develop and strengthen their registries to generate high quality data to inform research and policy formulation in cancer control. 17 students from cancer registries in Kumasi, Accra, Calabar, Ibadan, Abuja and Liberia attended. External sponsors: NCI (via Stanford Uni) and ROCHE.


2015 Training Courses

On-site training in Portuguese (26-30th January 2015)
Ms Telma Sande from Beira Cancer Registry had a one-week on-site training with the Maputo Cancer Registry. The purpose of the training was for Ms Sande to gain further practical experience with CanReg 5 and, to observe the data collection procedure in the central hospital of Maputo.

CanReg 5 Training
Ms Gladys Chebet (Eldoret Cancer Registry, Kenya (ECR)), AFCRN CanReg expert, again visited the Namibia National Cancer Registry (9-13th February) to try to 1) solve and answer any question the local staff may have for software CanReg 5, provide in-depth training on data entry, data analysis, tools and management; 2) to provide the basic training on the use of ICD-O 3.


2014 Training Courses

Basic training course in English (16-27th June)
The team of Kampala Cancer Registry has hosted a 10 days basic training for Francis Okongo (registrar, the Gulu Cancer Registry) from 16-27th June. A follow up visit by Ms Sarah Nambooze (Kampala) to the St Mary’s Hospital, Lacor (Gulu) for the provision of training and advice with respect to establishing a population based cancer registry was carried out from 16-26th September. Reports on both trainings are available on request.


Basic training course in Portuguese (14-25th July)
Dr Gonçalo Lacerda acted as the international faculty on the AFCRN Basic training course in Portuguese. This 10 days course took place from 14th – 25th July in Maputo, Mozambique. The aim of this course was to provide basic training on cancer registration for the 4 newly employed staff from the Maputo Cancer Registry and one staff from the Beira Cancer Registry. Report available on request. A further practical training section and a follow up consultancy visit have been proposed for the first half of 2015.


Intermediate level training course in French 2013

First training for registrars from French-speaking sub-Saharan African cancer registries
Kigali, Rwanda, 8th to 19th July 2013

The first training of French-speaking registrars of sub-Saharan African cancer registries was held from 8 to 19 July 2013 in Kigali (Rwanda). It was organized by the African Network of Cancer Registries (AFCRN) with the collaboration of the local Rwandan NGO Alliance for Sustainable Regional Development (SADR).  Financial support was provided by the AFCRN sponsors.


Past training programmes

On 4-6 May, 2011, a training course was held at the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI), hosted by the Nairobi Cancer Registry. The objectives were to review methods and problems encountered, train the staff in extracting and recording details of stage (breast and cervix cancers), and in follow up of patients and determining and recording vital status. Additional training on the software CANREG-5 was also undertaken. There were 20 participants, from the following registries: Kenya (12), Rwanda (3), Zimbabwe (2), Uganda (2), and Malawi (1)


A practical training course in basic registration methods for the newly recruited staff from Addis Ababa (four persons) and Dar es Salaam (one) was conducted over a four week-period from 12th September – 1st October, 2011. Training was delivered in Kampala (3 weeks) and Nairobi (1 week), by the staff of these two registries, assisted by the registry of Rwanda (for training in the use of the CANREG-5 software).

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