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Standard Procedure Manual

After much hard work from our authors and advisers, here is the invaluable 2nd version of the Standard Procedure Manual for Population-Based Cancer Registry in sub Saharan Africa.

You can download it in both PDF and Word here.The idea is that it can be customised for individual registries (some parts, marked in blue, must be changed, as they are just examples).

Questionnaire 2014 - Use of Cancer Data

During the 2nd Annual Review Meeting of AFCRN which took place in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, 21st -23rd January 2014, it was agreed to conduct a survey to determine some basic characteristics of member registries, to enquire into the nature of any links between registries and their respective Heath Authorities (national and/or local), and to review whether data from individual registries had been used in national or local cancer control planning.

A questionnaire was developed (available for download ) to collect data about the registries. It covered five areas:

  • background,
  • funding situation,
  • data collection methods,
  • registry output and
  • use of data in cancer control.

Condensed TNM

The Minimum dataset of AFCRN , and the model registry form, suggest the use of "CONDENSED TNM" for recording the Extent of disease - for those sites for which the registry has decided to record this variable.

CONDENSED TNM is a product of the European Network of Cancer Registries (ENCR). Versions of the publication in English and French are made available here.

AFCRN Model Cancer Registry Report

AFCRN MODEL REGISTRY REPORT is available for download Here.

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