In collaboration with the Eldoret Cancer Registry and the Nairobi Cancer Registry, AFCRN is hosting a basic Cancer Registration Training Course online from July - October 2020.  This course is being sponsored by the International Cancer Institute, Eldoret Kenya.  Course videos and quiz links are available below:

1. Cancer Registration - Introduction to principles and methods: Download video; Quiz

2. Cancer Finding and Abstraction Overview: Download video; Quiz 

3. Abstracting Personal Information: Download video; Quiz

4. Abstracting Incident Date & Date of last Contact: Download video; Quiz

5. Basis of Diagnosis Coding Rules: Download video; Quiz

6. Abstracting Primary Site and Diagnosis: Download video; Quiz

7. ICD_O Coding - Principles: Download video; Quiz 

8. ICD_O Coding for Topography: Download video; Quiz 

9. ICD_O Coding for Morphology: Download video; Quiz (Tue 25 Aug)

10. Multiple primary rules: Download video; Quiz  (Thu 27 Aug)

      International Rules for Multiple Primary Cancers (ICD-O 3rd Edition). IARC, 2004

11. Abstracting and coding information on Treatment: Download video; Quiz (Tue 1 Sept)

12. Introduction to Staging: Download video; Quiz (Thu 3 Sept)

13. Introduction to Essential TNM: Download video; Quiz  (Tue 8 Sept)   UICC TNM; Essential TNM

14. Principles of Confidentiality and Privacy: Download video; Quiz (Thu 10 Sept)

15. Introduction to CanReg5: Download video; Quiz (Tue 15 Sept)

16. CanReg5 data entry, update, population: Download video; Quiz  (Thu 17 Sept)


Coming up:

17. Abstracting and coding information on Follow up: Download video; Quiz  

18. CanReg5 export: Download video; Quiz 

19. CanReg5 check: Download video; Quiz  

20. Cancer Registry Report (via CanReg): Download video; Quiz  


Tuesday seminars:

(Kenyan time 4-6pm)

Register Link:

Meeting ID:  946 6755 8011

Passcode: AFCRN 2020


Thursday seminars:

(Kenyan time 4-6pm)

Register Link:

Meeting ID:  977 4824 5821

Passcode: AFCRN 2020


IARC and AFCRN manuals:

There are many more references and coding information online. But try not to get overwhelmed by information which may not be applicable to you. These are enough for now.