Membership is open to cancer registries located in the countries of sub-Saharan Africa (as shown on Map) that are population based, and are able to join the programme of activities and research collaborations of the Network.




as approved at the AFCRN Annual Meeting

and approved by the AFCRN Research Committee

* Membership will lapse for registries that fail to achieve ≥ 70% coverage within 3 years of joining AFCRN.





tels qu'approuvés lors de l'assemblée annuelle de l’AFCRN

et approuvés par le Comité de recherche de l’AFCRN

* L'adhésion est annulée pour les registres qui n'atteignent pas une couverture ≥ 70% dans les 3 ans suivant l'adhésion à l’AFCRN.